Stop Oil Drilling
Reject Diesel
Fuel Efficiency
Alternative Credits
Stop Oil Drilling
“A large portion of the $800 million
we spend on foreign oil every day
goes to some of the world’s most
volatile regimes. And there are the environmental consequences. Just
about every scientist outside the
White House believe climate change
is real.

“Canadian Oil is fine we can eliminate our depenence on foreign oil by building 45 new nuclear plants. with wind, tide, solar, natural gas, with develpement of flex fuel, hybrid, clean coal technology, we can, within several, eight, ten years.”

My Voice:
“For our economy, our security, and
future of our planet, we need to
stop depending on oil from the Middle
East. Washington has been talking
about our addiction for the last 30yrs.
So it’s U.S. number #1 priority.”