Stop Oil Drilling
Reject Diesel
Fuel Efficiency
Alternative Credits
Fuel Efficiency
“We need to develop proper alternativefuels. We need to develop ethanol. Weneed to push on the research, where breakthroughs are occuring, to get hydrogen from ethanol. By pushing on that kind of research we’ll be able to have a win for our farmers, in the agricultural sector, to improve the profitability of their product. We’ll be able to have a win on the environment, because hydrogen, for instance, is more clean burning.”
My voice:
“Fuel efficiency is important to the
environment; also, the U.S needs
an alternative to oil burning diesel. By having electric autobiles and other alternative vehicles we can avoid leaving a print in the environment.”

“We could save as much, in terms of
our fuel, if we increased our fuel efficiency standards, as much as we would from getting Alaska drilling going immediately. And that’s beenthe Bush strategy increasing production for oil gas companines, subsidizing them to the tune of 20 billion dollars.”