Stop Oil Drilling
Reject Diesel
Fuel Efficiency
Alternative Credits
Alternative Credits

My Voice:
“Alternative credits are good for the
consumer to use added incentive
that can go other use. Obama’s
sponsored tax credit for gas stations provides 85% ethanol fuel. I think this
bill gives us an opportunity to acutually
get something done about energy independence.”

“Obama will support legislation requiring
that by 2020, 20% of the nation’s power
supply portfolio comes from renewable
sources like solar, wind, and biomass
energy.Obama proprosed a flexible mar-
ket based approach that allows electricity
providers to either generate the renewable
energy themselves, obtain it from compan
ies, or purchase credits from providers who
exceed standards.”
“Mc Cain is much bigger advocate of
nuclear power than Obama, who
has taken a more guarded position.
Mc Cain has said that he’d work to
bring 45 new nuclear powerplant by
2030, with the eventual goal of
building 100 new nuclear plants.”