After Newyears celebration, Ricochet presented a two for one deal on any drinks.






At Ricochet, performances by Eons with 3 dollar draft beer till midnight.



Staff members Birthday celebration at Ricochet and live performance from Lisa shaw and DJ Vidal.





Bella beach club officially invited patrons for their grand opening. Also the festivties included DJ performances, fashion, art, and complimentary meals.






Laurent De Posson presented her photo exhibit at Ricochet bar Lounge with cocktail reception.




Leblon's Bocci Ball Tournament featured fashion show and Love Out Loud jewelry. The event was presented by Tommy and Michelle Pooch, Alan Roth, Nicolas Coeur de Roy, and Gil Dezer.



Eastcoast hip hop artist Fat Joe performed some of his current and greatest hits at Ricochet 1st yr anniversary.



Ricochet Bar Lounge 1yr anniversary featured live performances by Ron Jeremy, Ky- Mani Marley, and Fat Joe.




Mixon at Delano presented by TAI Entertainment featured special guess performances by ESS, EMM, and complimentary drinks.


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Tai Entertainment presented Luca hair show at the Mondrian South Beach. The show included swimwear by Sauipe, and jewelry accessories from Astrid Poletti.


Luca Hair Show
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Miami style Mafia blog aims to recognize fashion trends and exclusive fashion shows From Miami Swim week, L Space, Red Carter, and Mara Hoffman.

Mixon at Delano
Bella Beach Club
1yr anniversary
Fat Joe
Laurent De Posson
Bella Beach Club
Birthday Celebration
Eons at Ricochet
2-4-1 at Ricochet
Miami Style Mafia Blog
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As a spread, I created Home Decor accessories set ranging from size, comfort, price, as well as Manufacturer.




For Valentine's day, Erica Vain wanted a guide that show cases a him and her get away location, lingerie spreads, and gifts for him.




Branding for a catering company, I was employed to design a tricolor logo Inaddition a play with type size and imagery.

Details/ magazine/ 8.5x11
Home Decor

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Details/ magazine/ 8.5x11
TopShelf Beverage and Catering
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